Ashland Soccer Association


The Ashland Soccer Association (ASA) was organized to support soccer in Ashland.  The soccer
experience set forth in the organization is to build friendships, teamwork, sportsmanship and
organized play of the game. The competition level starts at the age of 5 in the organization (determined) prior to the date of the start of season).  The organization is based on skills building of the players, and promoting the experience of having fun in a controlled environment.  This is NOT premier, traveling or high competition level of play.

The experience is to be a fun filled time with all players involved.  This is a recreation league allowing everyone to play at the level of the competition of the same age and gender.  The boys play with boys and the girls play with girls the same age.  The teams are placed with the outlook to being equal in competition levels, this is to make the teams more competitive, with quality of play.

The coaches and board members are all volunteer personnel.  They give of their time to make this organization a successful experience for the children of the community.  The ideals are set in place to make this a safe environment and organized place for children to move onto the level of traveling teams.  there are coaches that have taken teams out of the organization and moved onto a higher level of play.  This is our goal to promote boys and girls to take on the new adventure of soccer.